Welcome to Sahandmax


The Company was launched more than 20 years ago, on the 5th of August 1998, as a sole proprietorship venture.

With just one machine and one worker, it was very much a humble beginning, but, from that initial stages we set our ideals high. We aimed at turning out products of high quality to suit varied requirements of our customers, and delivering same within the appointed time frames.

Our ideals started paying off and as time moved on, we were able to expand our business to meet the growing demand for our products, thereby providing employment to the destitute youth of this forlorn rural location.

Slowly but steadily progressing along the past years, ours is a success story where we have reached heights far beyond our own expectations. At present, we have a workforce numbering over 200, almost all of whom are from the surrounding areas.

Throughout our production lines,  strict quality control is maintained by our experienced staff at all stages of production, so that they achieve quality standards envisaged.

We have resolutely adhered to the ideals that we set upon ourselves at the beginning, and they have paved the way for our success so far. We are determined to  adhere to them on our way forward in the future.

On the 21st of December 2018, the Company  was incorporated as a Private Company with Limited Liability, under the Companies Act. No. 7 of 2007.


Bags produced by the Company   are of 5 main categories.

  • School Bags
  • Hand Bags
  • Traveling Bags
  • Laptop Bags
  • Backpacks

School Bags are made to suit the requirements of school children attending the Kindergarten through to the GCE Advanced Level. Accordingly they come in various sizes and designs so as to cater to the needs of different age groups and Grades and turned out in accordance with the stipulations laid down by the Educational and Health Authorities. They are made to withstand the punishments meted out by the mischievous imagination of the average school going child..

–  Hand Bags are mainly for ladies and they are of different sizes, shapes, designs and colours so as to meet varying moods, occasions and desires. Gents’ Bags on the other hand are more compact and have only two or three variations.

–  Traveling Bags are robust and made to take the hard punishment they are subjected to when traveling. Again there are a few variations in size and shape to cater to individual travel requirements.

–   Laptop Bags are made precisely for the purpose of carrying Laptops. They are sleek and up to highest standards found anywhere, and are equipped to accommodate all the cables and gadgets that accompany a laptop.

–  Backpacks are for going places and are   designed to pack all items required to gbackpacking. They are strong but comfy and are ideal for hiking and for outings that require a lot of walking.

All in all, all bags produced by us are made with the end user in mind, so that, a bag is available to suit any and every taste and need.


Human Resources

Chairman/Managing Director     –    Mr. Sahan Vithanage
Production Director                         –    Mr. Ruwan Vithanage

Skilled, Semi-skilled Workers and other minor staff working under the supervision of  qualified & experienced Senior and Junior Managers

Machinery & Equipment  

  • Single Needle Normal Machines                 62
  • DY Normal Machines                                      40
  • Electronic DV Machines                                  21
  • Electronic Bar Tack Machines                      08
  • Double Needle Machines                              05
  • Material Cutting Machines                           07
  • N – Cutter Machines                                       02
  • Computerized Embroidery Machines         01
  • Laser Cutting Machines                                 01
  • Ribbing Cutter Machines                               02
  • Plotting Machines                                            01
  • Cylinder Bed Machines                                  01


Our Workforce

At Dmax, it is our firm conviction that the employees are our best asset and we treat them and deal with them in a responsible manner.

As mentioned, we strive to offer employment to the youth, both male and female, of the area. At present there are in our payroll more than 200 persons, on whom, close upon one thousand members of their families depend for their livelihood.

Transport is provided from the town to the factory for those who live outside of the area. We have a contended and loyal workforce that gives of its best for the development of the Company.

Our Production Capacity

With the cooperation of our employees we make the best out of the machinery in our possession and we are in a position to  turn out  a minimum of 45,000 different types of bags per month, a breakdown of which is as follows:

– School Bags        –              32,000
– Hand Bags           –                8,000
– Traveling Bags   –                 2,500
– Laptop Bags        –                 1,000
– Backpacks           –                 1,500

We are geared, working only on a day shift, to easily produce the above quantities in our stride, and should the need arises to increase beyond the above capacity, we are geared to meet any target presented.

Our Customer Base

We have been able, through the years, to build up a considerable number of satisfied customers, both in the public and private sectors, who continuously look up to us to produce bags required for their promotional schemes. Through their past experience in dealing with us, they remain confident that the faith and trust they have kept on us will never be breached.


Material used in manufacturing our bags are of superior quality and strength.

The fabrics are either Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) or Polyurethane (PU) coated, to give them the required strength and durability, and are in the categories of 1000D,  1680D, 420D, Gucci,  CROSS, DOBBY, and  500D.

The types of material mentioned above are proven to be of the highest standards and are versatile in that they are adaptable to be made into various shapes adopted in manufacturing different kinds of bags.

As such, customers using our bags are assured of strong, long lasting and fashionable products that will serve them well in all stages of their life.